AWESOME WATER POWER 500w Hydro Electric Off Grid System

DIY Wind Energy

This 4 nozzle micro hydro system is making 500 plus watts of power for an of grid cabin in the woods. First up is the intake. A stainless steel Coanda screen pulls over 200 gallons per minute to reduce the debris that enters the system. Next is a 4″ penstock to carry the water from the source to the pma or permanent magnet alternator. This PMA has four nozzles that sweep around the unit on all sides. The water jets made by these nozzles push the spoons or cups on the pelton wheel. Wild 3 phase AC power is sent to the house. A rectifier converts the wild ac to direct current. This is used by the charge controller to store in the battery and finally be used in the house from an 8kw off grid inverter.

Credit Land to House

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