DIY Pad-less Evap. Humidifier (w/”lighted” water-tank) 12-16 hr run 500-1200 sq. ft. no pad/no mold!

Home DIY Ideas

DIY Humidifier! Powerful and easy to make! This is a unique (and forgotten) humidifier design from the past. it’s neither an ‘ultrasonic humidifier’ or an ‘absorbent pad’ humidifier, so there’s no issues with ‘white residue in the air’ (common with ultrasonic models) and no issues with moldy ‘wicking’ pads. i made it for relieving the ‘dry skin itch’ that’s common in the winter months. the unit is very powerful and covers an average of 1000 sq. ft. (but can be adjusted from 100 to 1500 sq. ft.)

Credit desertsun02

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