High Power DIY Ceramic Air Heater! Output Air 200F/93C! (w/adj-speed fans) 18/20a AC/DC solar/bat op

Home DIY Ideas

Homemade High Power Thermostatic Ceramic Air Heater! High Temperature DC Powered Air Heater. Output air temps are an impressive 200F/93C (consistent) with top temps reaching 210F/100C. To distribute the heat the unit has 2 built-in high-power fans (hooked to a speed controller) for precise airflow control. Due to the units’ high heat capability (it’s the hottest DC powered air heater I’ve ever made) I designed the stand with safety in mind. notice its very low ‘center of gravity’ and its long wide base. it cannot be tipped over without a lot of effort. also, the ‘hot part’ of the heating element doesn’t touch any part of the wooden stand or the fans. it just hangs out in the ‘open air’. Finally, i constructed the stand using full 1″ dowels to make it very strong and sturdy.

Credit desertsun02

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